Although some mystery odors may be little more than a nuisance, others could be causing real health concerns for anyone in the area.

Another reason for concern is due to vapor intrusion issues. Vapor intrusion is the process by which chemicals migrate to the indoor air above a contaminated site. Vapor intrusion occurs when there is movement of volatile chemicals from contaminated groundwater or soil into an overlying building.

If the source of the mystery odor cannot be readily identified, air testing is commonly utilized to identify the source. Air testing can often help to pinpoint the cause of a mystery odor by analyzing the odor’s chemical composition. Testing will also identify the levels, or concentration, of any chemicals found which can help to indicate if there are real health concerns.

Once the odor has been identified, it is then possible to develop a strategy to eliminate the odor through mechanical means, filtration or changes in the contents and daily practices within a home or building.

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